Never heard about kombucha? I am going to tell you everything about my new favorite tea. 

To be honest I heard about Kombucha only few years ago when it started to become popular. I knew it was very good for my health but I did not know exactly why and how it was processed.

I decided today to speak about it because I know it’s becoming a very popular drink and I really enjoy driking it.   

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea, most likely homemade, even if, we did not hear about it for long time, this tea recipe is very old. Kombucha’s origin comes from the Chinese dynasty Han (206 before Christ and 25 after death) and arrived in Russia around the 19th century to become very popular in East Europe in 1910.

Between the two world wars, in Germany, Kombucha was very famous but this popularity decreased during the 2nd world war because of the sugar restrictions.

It came back around 1990 in Europe and USA to be as famous as we know right now.

Why Kombucha is so famous?

Kombucha is a mix of black or green tea, lemon, sugar and the most important an active kombucha scoby which will make the tea fermented and give this sparkling taste.

It will bacteria flora and its active amino acid will help our intestine and make Kombucha the perfect daily probiotic drink.  

To feel the affects on your body you need to drink 2/3 small glasses of kombucha per day.

If you are pregnant please consult your doctor before driking Kombucha, it's not recommended because of all the live bactaria it contains. 

How do you make your own Kombucha? Here is the recipe.