Thanksgiving Menu and Tea

This year I decided to associate my THANKSGIVING MEAL with the fine tea.

Personally, I am one who thinks that a good meal needs to have a good wine to drink with, perhaps it’s my cultural upbringing which is speaking. Nonetheless, this year I cannot drink alcohol and I decided to be more creative and make my loved ones experience something else. So in that regards, I decided to pair my thanksgiving meal with tea.

Associating my thanksgiving meal with hot tea, is something im sure you have never heard of? However, this is begginging to be something that is growing in popularity especially in the tea industry. All top chefs in France, London, Singapore and New York are begginging to see the light and follow suit.

Since this chef’s role is coming up as soon as next week, heres what we have on the menue!


Foie gras puffs

Main Menu

Oven Roast Turkey

Side Dishes

Corn bread

Sweet potatoe casserole

Haitian Black Rice

Fresh Green beans


Homemade Rasberry Cheesecake

Sweet Pecan Pie

My Tea menu

As for the tea, we will drink some Golden Yunnan Tea with the appetizer, its taste will pair perfectly with the foie gras’ taste.

For the main menu and side dishes we will have the choice between:

-      Court Lodge Pekoe, a black tea from Sri Lanka: It’s a bold tea with medium tannin taste and some notes of spices and lemon.

-       Himalayan 2nd Flush: This is a black tea from Nepal which has its taste very close to some very well known Darjeeling teas. It has a complex flavor with undertones of muscat grape and stone fruit.

-       Dong Ding Imperial: This is an Oolong Tea from Taiwan with a smooth rich and fruit-sweet flavor.

Because I decided on some black tea for the appetizer and I am crazy about Taiwanese Oolong tea I decided to make my guests discover this Don Ding Imperial pearl tea.

Finally, for the dessert with the raspberry cheesecake I will go for a Japanese green tea like Kukicha or Mecha Tea so that we will digest easily after this heavy meal. For the Sweet peacan Pie, I will recommend our Royal Pu’erh Tea.

I hope that this menu sparked some ideas and can help you and yours enjoy your thanksgiving dinner with all of your family.