Marijuanna and Tea

I personally have never been crazy about cannabis and as a result, I do not consume it.  especially when you come from a restrictive country as France regarding this magical plant, you get away from it. However, since I arrived in California, my mind regarding cannabis has changed a lot and all products infused with cannabis.  Many of the products that I have come across have increased my understanding about this plant. Being a Tea addict, I always wondered what would happen if I added some cannabis to my tea? Can I make some cannabis infused tea but remove the psychoactive side to it? Is it possible to be high with weed tea? How can I try it?

I hope to answer to most of your questions about Marijuana Tea, if you are a fan of both of them this article will be very helpful for you and you will learn a new way to consume your cannabis. For some of us, it will be easy to find and drink this tea, while others may not have the same situation depending on where you are based on planet earth, and I am really sorry about that.

Since 1996 we can consume cannabis in California for medicinal purposes, however since this past January it’s legal to buy cannabis for recreational reasons. Edibles and other cannabis consumables have been around and available for a few years already. You can see a lot of products with cannabis infused such as cream, chocolate, pastries, soft drinks, food and so on, but you were able to buy it only at dispensaries.

Even if we are seeing more and more companies selling tea with cannabis, its good to keep in mind that this tea is a very ancient traditional medicinal process that has been used all throughout the world. There are multiple recipes to make cannabis tea based on the effects that you desire.

Some History…

Cannabis tea is one of the oldest world’s medicines, it has been found all over Neolithic Chinese archeological sites, which means that it was used in one form or another one between 10 000 to 2000 B.C. The emperor Shennong, who discovered tea (here is the tea history article), was obsessed with tea, infusing all kinds of leaves. He made so many different combinations of tea with leaves and buds. Shennong maybe one of the first head of states consuming Cannabis Tea and who recommended it for 100 different afflictions such as rheumatism, malaria and absentmindedness. 

Like China, India is known as one of the best tea producers around the world and as in China they have been consuming cannabis for thousands of years in their teas. They even have a recipe with cannabis as a base from 1000 BC old called Bhang that is still the official drink of the spring holy festival of colors in India. This recipe is made from crushed cannabis buds, leaves, with milk, ghee butter and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and some honey or sugar. This drink is used for medicinal reasons to ill fever, dysentery, sunstroke, phlegm, digestion problems and so on.

 Some Chemistry before going farther…

The raw, cannabis plant contains acid as THCA and CBDA, these cannabinoids are the precursors of the famous THC and CBD of the dry cannabis buds and leaves, however they do not contain psychoactive and medicinal effect just because of the “A” at the end. To resume if you are infusing cannabis leaves you will not get high or have the medicinal effect you are looking for… oh well in Chemistry a simple letter can change everything.

So now you ask yourself how it goes from non-psychoactive to psychoactive plant?? It’s very simple when the cannabis is harvested and start drying, the molecule THCA and CBDA is transforming to THC and CBD. The letter “A” means acid and this non-acid new molecule has all the properties of what cannabis is best known for.

This conversion is even more important when you heat the buds (by smoking), you will finish the convert all the THCA to THC and CBDA to CBD and this is what gets you the high you are looking for.


This cannabinoid can be dissolved in water, alcohol, butter and even milk. This is where all the products with infused cannabis come from. However, you should know that it is more difficult to infuse THC in the water than with fatty ingredients such as milk or butter, this is why a lot of cannabis tea are most likely made for medicinal reasons.

Marijuana tea has been around from thousands of years as we said previously, and we hope the legalization in California will help to you find and buy cannabis tea much easier than before. Why? Because a lot of people, especially women, are looking for the effects of cannabis either psychoactive or medicinal but do not feel too comfortable about smoking it.  They much rather consume cannabis tea by infusing it and drinking it on their sofa in front of a good book. I know I would!


Need some recipes? Check our different cannabis teas to find what we you are looking for.