Moroccan mint tea

Moroccan mint green tea is an instution in all Nord African countries and became very famous all around the world for decade. You can buy it already blended and just infuse it but when you are making it yourself it taste totally different. Majestea decide to share with you its recipe of our famous Morrocan Mint Tea.


1 Traditional Moroccan inox tea pot

1 Bunch of fresh spearmint (or regular peppermint if you don't find) 

2 Teaspoon of Gunpowder

12 Pieces of sugar

28 Fl oz of boil water


 1. Make the water to boil.

2. Thin out the leaves of the mint and wash them.

3. Take two teaspoons of gunpowder and put it in the teapot.

4. Wash the green tea with the boil water.

5. Add the mint and the sugar in the teapot. 

6. Pour the boil water in the teapot. 

 7. Make the teapot on the fire and make boil the green tea. When is done turn off the fire.

8. Pour the tea in special oriental tea glass with two mint leaves. 


Tips: When you serve the tea, pour it up and down, it will help to cold it down and oxygenate, pour it back in the teapot and do it again two more times. 


Enjoy!!! If you close your eyes you will have the impression to be in Marrakech.