Our matcha tea has a strong and noble fragrance. It is a sweet creamy tea with a deep vegetal taste.


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Tea Dose:
2,5gr/250mL - 0,5tsp/8,45 fl oz
Infuse time:
3-4 mins
Caffeine Level:

Green Tea - Matcha Asahina

Matcha is a premium green tea from Japan. It is well known for being the healthiest tea of all. When drinking Matcha, you consume the whole leaves, not just the brewed water, hence you enjoy a higher concentration of nutritional content, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and fibre. This non-oxidized green tea produces a powerful thick, jade coloured liquor.

Flavor and Aroma; Our tea has a strong and noble fragrance. It is a sweet creamy tea with a deep vegetal taste. Our ceremonial grade matcha tea has no astringency or bitterness. For newcomers the taste of a Matcha can be surprising. But don’t worry, if Matcha is not your cup of tea, you can still benefit from its healthy properties by using it in dishes. The taste is then much subtler.


How to prepare Matcha tea with the Ususha method You will need a chasen (bamboo whisk)? - Soften the chasen by pouring some water on it. - In a bowl, pour ½ cup of Matcha tea. - Gradually pour 75 millilitres of water, at 75 °C (167°F), avoiding direct contact with the Matcha powder. - With the whisk, quickly mix the liquor for 30 seconds. Matcha tea can also be iced or served as a milk-shake. If iced, we recommend using half of the above mentioned water quantity.


When to drink this tea? Given the level of caffeine, a cup of Matcha is ideal in the morning to give you an energetic boost. In fact, given the presence of flavonoids – compounds that promote focus and calmness – it is believed that a cup of Matcha green tea gives a longer-lasting energy boost than a cup of coffee.

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