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All the latest news and updates from Majestea

  • November 7, 2017 4:39:26 PM PST

    How make your kombucha?


    Kombucha is very simple to make you just need to find some kombucha scoby, which can be the hardest part. After you found it everything will be so simple and economics, you will just have to follow our recipe. 

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  • November 5, 2017 7:36:18 PM PST

    What is Kombucha?


    Never heard about kombucha? I am going to tell you everything about my new favorite tea. 

    To be honest I heard about Kombucha only few years ago when it started to become popular. I knew it was very good for my health but I did not know exactly why and how it was processed.

    I decided today to speak about it because I know it’s becoming a very popular drink and I really enjoy driking it.   



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  • November 5, 2017 6:16:29 PM PST

    My thanksgiving menu with fine tea

    Thanksgiving menu and fine tea

    This year I decided to associate my THANKSGIVING MEAL with fine tea.


    Personally, I am one who thinks that a good meal needs to have a good wine to drink with, perhaps it’s my cultural upbringing which is speaking. Nonetheless, this year I cannot drink alcohol and I decided to be more creative and make my loved ones experience something else. So in that regards, I decided to pair my thanksgiving meal with tea.

    Associating my thanksgiving meal with hot tea, is something im sure you have never heard of? However, this is begginging to be something that is growing in popularity especially in the tea industry. All top chefs in France, London, Singapore and New York are begginging to see the light and follow suit.


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